• Acupressure

  • Massage (maintenance, performance & rehabilitation massage)

  • Tui Na

  • Manual Ligament Therapy

  • Bach Flower Essences

  • Equi-tape

  • Myofascial release, Fascial energetics

  • Trigger points

  • Stress points


Kim teaches Animal Acupressure and Massage classes for the Northwest School of Animal Massage. She also teaches Horse Temperament Typing  and a Bach Flower Essences for Animals class.

Diana Thompson - Equine Acupressure, Bach Flower Essences

Northwest School of Animal Massage (NWSAM) - Large & Small Animal Massage; Manual Ligament Therapy

Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute - Equine & Canine Acupressure

Shauna Cantwell, DVM – Tui Na

Mike Scott – Fascial Energetics

Chi Institute - Equine & Small Animal Veterinary Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

Dr. Eleanor Kellon - Equine Neurological & Muscle Disorders; Equine Cushing’s & Insulin Resistance

Patricia Kortekaas/Full Spectrum Canine Therapy - Osteopathic Approach for Small Animal, Functional Indirect Techniques; K9 Craniosacral/Functional Indirect Techniques/Neuro Integrational Gait Patterns; Rule of the Canine Artery, Vascular Techniques

Madalyn Ward, DVM - Horse Temperament Typing

Kerry Ridgway, DVM - Clinical Reasoning for the Equine Health Care Professional

Dr. Deb Bennett, Equine Studies Institute - Full Body Equine Anatomy (with wet lab) & Biomechanics

Suzan Seelye, DVM - Equine Quantum Healing

Equi-Tape -  Equine Kinesio Taping Methods & Strategies

The Vluggen Institute for Equine Osteopathy - current student, began studies in Dec 2017.

Horse Temperament Typing

Kim is a Horse Harmony Consultant and has studied Temperament Typing extensively with Madalyn Ward, DVM. Learn more here.


Training in

Trained with

Equine Acupressure/Massage

Sessions are approximately 60-75 minutes, cost is $70-$80.
Trip fee may be added for travel outside of Hood River County

Canine Acupressure/Massage

Sessions are approximately 45-60 minutes, cost is $50.

Equine Acupressure/Massage
Sessions are approximately 60-75 minutes, cost is $70-$80.

Trip fee may apply for travel outside of Hood River County.