Animal Ease Therapies, LLC was formed by Kim Bauer in January of 2005. Kim is a Nationally Certified Practitioner having passed the National Board for Animal Acupressure and Massage exam (NBCAAM).

Acupressure is a safe, non-invasive modality developed thousands of years ago as an important aspect of Asian medicine. It uses precise finger or thumb placement and pressure over specific points along the body. These points follow channels, known as meridians which are the same channels that are used in acupuncture. According to Asian medical philosophy, activation of these points with pressure can improve blood flow, release tension, and enhance or unblock life-force energy, known in China as "Qi". This release allows energy to flow more freely through the channels, which promotes relaxation, healing and the restoration of proper function.

Animal massage is deliberate and focused touching with each stroke being specific in pressure, direction and intention. Working with the muscles and skin promotes various physiological, neurological, and psychological effects in the animal’s body supporting both physical and emotional wellness. An animal massage practitioner uses their hands, arms and elbows to assess and facilitate optimum performance, comfort, and injury prevention depending on the needs of the animal. The practitioner may employ range of motion techniques. Massage supports homeostasis, the body's natural desire for balance.

Animal acupressure and massage are not a substitute for veterinary medicine. An animal acupressure and massage practitioner cannot diagnose or treat illnesses.

It all began with a 30 something Palomino
gelding named Dusty. Dusty had gotten to the
point where he was afraid to lie down to sleep
for fear that he would not be able to get back
up. Consequently, when he would sleep
standing up, he would get so sleepy that his
neck and head would drop so they were
touching the ground and he would lose his
balance and stumble around, sometimes even
falling over.

Looking for some way to help Dusty, Kim
attended her first Equine Acupressure and
Massage class taught by Diana Thompson of
Hands-On Horse Care in June of 1999. At that
class, she learned some acupressure and
massage techniques and also about Bach
Flower Essences. She came home and
practiced what she had learned on Dusty.

Three days later she watched as he once
again went to sleep, lost his balance and
stumbled around, only this time after doing
that, he regained his balance, did a big full-
body stretch and promptly lay down for a 30
minute nap! Needless to say, Kim was
ecstatic. Dusty went on to live (and nap lying
down!) for two more years before having to be
put down due to bone cancer.

This was the start of Kim’s training in
massage, acupressure and flower essences.
Since then, Kim has continued to take classes
in all of these therapies. She has honed her
skills by practicing on her own animals and
her friends’ animals. In 2003, she decided to
pursue certification in these fields.

Kim received her certification in Large Animal
Massage from the Northwest School of Animal
Massage (NWSAM) in January of 2005 and her certification in Small Animal Massage in June of 2005. Shortly after graduating she was asked to be an instructor for the school and has been teaching for NWSAM ever since.

Kim also received certification in both Equine
and Canine Acupressure from Tallgrass
Animal Acupressure in June of 2005. Again, Kim was asked to be an instructor for the school and she served as Lead Instructor from 2005-2015.

Kim continues to take classes and study
numerous modalities to add to her practice. She also teaches a number of professional certification and continuing education classes. A complete listing can be found on the Classes & Services page.

Helping animals find ease in body, mind and spirit through integrative bodywork sessions.